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Power Washing and Cleaning Services in Shortsville, NY

If you want your home to look like brand new, power washing is the perfect solution! It is a simple way of increasing your home’s appearance. All Clean Power Wash LLC in Shortsville, NY is experienced and knowledgeable at properly power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing your home without causing any damage.

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We use low-pressured water to clean and remove dirt, dust, mold, mildew, spider webs, grime, and other surface debris that you want cleaned from your home or business’ exterior. Our Empire Exterior equipment and professional grade detergents are excellent at getting your surfaces clean safely, which work by forcing water under your siding, roof, into your foundation, and behind your trim. Our trained technicians clean aluminum, vinyl, siding, brick, and stucco surfaces.

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

If your roof is dirty with dark stains and streaks, All Clean Power Wash LLC will clean it for you! The dark marks on your roof are actually algae, moss, and lichen eating the limestone off of your shingles. We know this a problem, and we are here to help! We will safely remove the organisms with our Roof Cleaning method. Your roof will look brand new, and you will be glad that you did not spend thousands of dollars on prematurely replacing your roof.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning and maintenance is crucial to keeping your home’s value and appearance high. If gutters are not regularly cleaned, they become filled with leaves and other debris. This leads to heavy gutters that pull away from the house. When water overflows from clogged gutters, it can leak into your home and ruin the foundation and structure, possibly even flooding into your basement. All Clean Power Wash LLC is here to clean your gutters efficiently and effectively. No need to worry about a ruined foundation or basement! We’ll keep your home nice and dry.

Exterior House Soft Washing

Exterior House Soft Washing

When your home is looking dirty from years of mold, mildew, dirt, and other pollutions, All Clean Power Wash LLC is here to help! We will safely clean your home with our Empire Exterior’s low pressure, high volume soft washing equipment. It works by forcing water under your siding, roof, into your foundation, and behind your trim. This equipment does not damage your home, and it will thoroughly clean the exterior. Combined with our professional grade detergents, your home will look like new without damaging you, your pets, or your plants!

Concrete, Brick, and Paver Cleaning

Concrete, Brick, and Paver Cleaning

Concrete, brick pavers, and walkways all need to be cleaned to maintain an attractive appearance and proper functionality. These surfaces become slippery overtime due to mildew buildup, which poses a potential safety concern. Another problem from neglect is that weeds and grass will take over the grout lines, effectively decreasing your home’s curb appeal. All Clean Power Wash LLC will pressure wash your walkways, retaining walls, and patios, having them looking bright and shining like before.

Composite and Wood Deck Cleaning

Composite and Wood Deck Cleaning

If your deck has a dirty appearance, All Clean Power Wash LLC will clean it and give it bright, crisp look! Having a nice, clean deck will increase your home’s appearance and value, making you want to spend more time outside on your improved deck. Our Empire Exterior equipment will softly clean your wood or composite deck, so you can relax and enjoy your property to the fullest.

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“Luke has been at our home twice this summer...first to power wash our mildewed vinyl siding (35 years old)...looks like new!...at that time he inspected the roof and we set up a return visit to get that mold off the north side of the roof and clean the black stains off the (white) gutters...again, they look like new!
Luke is such a nice young man, does a thorough job, takes pride in his work, and is just pleasant to be around...he’ll be back in the future...
By the way...his rates are very competitive...check him out!”


“I was completely satisfied with the professionalism and the completed work that Luke did at my parents’ house. He was thorough and the house looks great. He went over areas more than once to get all the dirt off the siding. He explained that some wouldn't come off areas like the gutters that had oxidized and would be a different type of cleaning. The siding looks like it did when it was installed bright and beautiful! I highly recommend him for your power washing needs!”


“Elite ProWash came to wash my house and showed up exact time he said and did such a great job. Very detailed and concerned about his work. Hard working and respectful young man!!!”


“What great service! Was here when he said he would be. Got the job done and it looks new! I can't believe it! I would recommend this company and will definitely use again!”


“Luke was very communicative during the process. Work quality was very good, efficient, and roof looked great right after completion. Also offered to return should any spots or areas appear that give me concern. Luke Abbott is trustworthy and knowledgeable, I would not hesitate to do business with his company again.”

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